Running a marathon for cancer research!

My mission is to improve care for cancer patients. Cancer research is a corner stone to making this possible. Over the years I myself have been doing research on different types of cancer, such as brain cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and now liver cancer. However, I haven’t properly participated in raising money for charity and this needed to change. I believe in challenging yourself and voluntarily making yourself suffer, so I came up with an activity that involved something I truly detest… that is running.

The Dutch Cancer Society (called KWF) has a charity run in Rotterdam in April 2022. Of course, I had to sign up for this marathon in my hometown. Unfortunately, that means I’ll need to train in the cold and rain this winter in order to be prepared…

Over the past 2 years many charity events had to be cancelled during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a consequence, funding towards cancer research has taken a hit. That is why your donations will matter even more in the coming months and years. I hope you will be able to support patients in their fight against cancer! Please consider sponsoring me, just visit and donate.  

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