#1 How to be a better patient – an intro

Whilst being a student in medicine and science for more than a decade, I’ve experienced several remarkable situations. Whenever I see a patient, I can’t help but placing myself in their shoes: how would I behave, what would I do, what would I ask the doctor? Very often I find that patients don’t do the things I would have done. Too often I’ve seen patients confused about treatments or not standing up for their own perspective. Obviously it’s not a fair comparison, since the average patient hasn’t received medical training. Nevertheless, I believe with some basic tips and tricks, patients can be empowered and can be more in control of their experiences in medical settings. In this blog post series “How to be a better patient”, I’ll try to discuss the following things:

  • 1. How to communicate more effectively with healthcare providers
  • 2. Which medical alarm symptoms to be aware off
  • 3. How to reduce your risk of disease
  • 4. The pitfalls of modern medicine
  • And much more…

I want to give you a sneak peak into how a medical doctor thinks. If you know how a doctor thinks and how doctors approach a problem, it should become clear how to navigate the healthcare system.

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