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Cancer Researcher, Medical Student & Science Geek.

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How to secure a PhD

Here, I’ll give you top tips about how to secure the PhD position you want.

Frontiers of Science: Sreya Bhattacharya researching diabetes

The fun of being a scientist is that you make cool friends who study cool stuff. Sreya Bhattacharya is definitely one of them. She’s doing her PhD trying to find new therapies to treat diabetes. More on her later. So, besides giving information on “how to (not) become a better patient”, I’ll be featuring cutting…

A new series: at the Frontiers of Science, showcasing inspiring scientist profiles

Share, learn and be inspired The most exciting part of science is that the future is unpredictable. You don’t know what lies ahead and maybe you’ll be the one making the discovery. I guess that’s one of the drivers of many scientists going into the lab day in and day out, without getting paid overtime,…

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